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Meet the Governors

Our School Governors

Stephen Mann

Chair of Governors

Andrew Jennings

Vas Koria Richard Schooley
Sandra Cunningham Helen Jupp Brian Stead Tomos Davies



Please find below details of how our Governing body is structured, including the names, categories, responsibilities and terms of appointment for each Governor.


Warren Mead Junior School Governing Body

Governance Arrangements as at October 2017


Full name of Governor Category Term of Office Appointing Body Nominated Office Committees Attendance at Local Governing Body Meetings 2016-17
Mrs Sandra Jane Cunningham Head Teacher (ex-offico) 01.09.13 Governing Body N/A All Committees Present at all meetings: 7/7
Mrs Helen Elizabeth Jupp Staff 03.12.14 - 02.12.18 Staff of School N/A   Present at 6 of 7 meetings
Mr Stephen Leslie Mann Community 08.12.14 - 07.12.18 Directors of Trust Chair of Governors
LA Liaison (in case of allegations against the Head Teacher)

Resources Committee

Pay Committee (Chair)
Head Teacher Performance Review

Present at all meetings: 7/7
Mrs R Woolrych Parent 23.07.17 - 22.07.21 Parents


Child Protection

  Present at 1 of 7 meetings
Mr Vasant Koria Community 08.12.14 - 07.12.18 Directors of Trust N/A   Present at 4 of 7 meetings
Mr Richard John Schooley Community 08.10.12 - 07.10.16 Directors of Trust Vice Chair of Governors   Present at 6 of 7 meetings
Mr Tomos Lewis Llewelfryn Davies Community 08.12.14 - 07.12.18 Directors of Trust

Children in Care (CiC)

Resources Committee/

Pay Committee

Head Teacher Performance Review

Present at 6 of 7 meetings
Mr Brian Albert Stead Community 01.09.14 - 31.08.18   N/A

Resources Committee (Chair)

Pay Committee

Present at 5 of 7 meetings

Mr Andrew




07.10.16 -


Directors of Trust N/A



Present at 6 of 7 meetings

Mr David Webb Parent 15.10.15 - 14.07.17 Parents Vice Chair   Present at 6 of 7 meetings


Governors who have left the Governing Body in the past 12 months:

Mrs Jane Stella Creswell, Community governor, appointment ended 20.03.16, see register below.



We have also provided a Register of Governor Interests and an Annual Statement of Issues for your information.


Warren Mead Junior School Local Governing Body

   Summary Register of Interests as at November 2016


Governor Name of Employer/Organisation Nature of Business Nature of Interest Date Declared
Sandra Cunningham (Head Teacher) Warren Mead Junior School Head Teacher of Warren Mead Junior School Spouse is a Facilities Manager with no involvement with the School/Trust 14.10.16

Helen Jupp


Warren Mead Junior School Class Teacher at Warren Mead Junior School Spouse is a Civil Servant with no involvement with the School/Trust 05.10.16
Stephen Mann (Community/Chair) Care Home Owner Health service Care Home is in the Surrey area
Director of the Oaks Academy Trust by virtue of office
David Webb (Parent/Vice-Chair) Actuary 
Sole owner “Chrissica” Ebay business
Online business
Parent of pupil 
Alongside spouse members of Institute of Actuaries
Brian Stead (Community) N/A N/A Borough Councillor representing Nork on the Reigate and Banstead Borough Council, this Council has no relationship with the School 07.10.15
Tomos Davies (Community) Company Director 
TLD Acquisitions Ltd & Carador Ltd
Real Estate Companies operate in the Surrey area, there is no involvement with the School/Trust 06.10.16
Richard Schooley (Community) N/A N/A Nothing to declare 05.10.16
Jane Creswell (Former Community) St Paul’s Nork Church Religious Order Parish Priest of St Paul’s Nork Church 07.10.15
Vasant Koria (Community)

DRD Communications,


Telecommunications Nothing to declare 02.11.15

Andrew Jennings



Trustee of Sutton Hard Courts and owner of land

Financial Manager and owner of music company

Steward of Epsom Methodist Church

Management Committee Sutton Tennis & Squash Club

Paul Stopher (Parent)

Apple I.T Consultant

"Mac Up and Running"

I.T Parent of Pupil, nothing to declare 01.11.16


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