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Meet the Staff

Come and meet the staff at our school.











Mrs R Clark

School Business Manager

Mrs S Cunningham

Head Teacher

Mrs A Gibbard

Deputy Head Teacher



Year 3

Miss L Thomas Mrs Z Cooper   Mrs S Holmes

Beech Class Teacher

 Chestnut Class Teacher


 Elm Class Teacher



Year 4


Miss B Doble

Oak Class Teacher

Mr T Bullock

Ash Class Teacher

Mrs A Gibbard

Rowan Class Teacher

Miss S Polydorou

Rowan Class




Year 5

Mrs J Moylan

 Pine Class Teacher

Mrs C Garland

Pine Class

Miss J Cooper

 Birch Class Teacher

Mr D Callaghan

 Maple Class Teacher


Year 6

Mrs H Jupp

Sycamore Class Teacher 

Mr C Jackson

Willow Class Teacher

Mrs L Boztas

Cedar Class Teacher

Mrs R Cook-Abbott

Cedar Class Teacher


Additional Staff

Mrs A Reilly

SEND Co-ordinator

Mrs D Mascarenhas

Mrs P Coome Mrs S Malik Mrs K Wright
Mrs G Cham Mrs T Etherington Mrs J Waight
Mrs S Oliver Mrs L McLucas Mrs S Eversfield
Mrs K Charles Mrs N Hill Miss H Clark
    Miss L Beams
Bertha Miss Z Lane





Office Staff

Mrs G Norman

Mrs J Coghlan

Mrs F Vandenberghe


Mrs C Munday


Site Manager


Mr M Baker



Coaching at Warren Mead Junior School

WMJS is aware of the importance of professional development and building tools to help teachers to transform their practice and achieve success for all children. WMJS is on a journey to develop a coaching culture. Training has helped us gain a deeper understanding of why coaching is such a powerful approach to developing whole school improvement. Our staff are all trained coaches and regular coaching opportunities are built into our training programme.


Throughout the year we have focussed on the skills and attributes of a coach and how developing a coaching culture will have an impact on the motivation and achievement of staff and subsequently learning and achievement across our school.


Coaching is having a measurable impact on learning and achievement, creating opportunities for staff across the school to share and disseminate good and best practice and build the confidence and self-esteem of both teachers and their support teams. We have used coaching to support our quest for high quality and sustainable teaching and learning.


Coaching is linked to formative assessment and learning and achievement in the classroom. Our teachers are dedicated to improving outcomes of our children by ensuring they experience the most effective learning.  We have focussed on how we can use deep, rich and open questioning and active listening to support the progression and mastery of learning across the curriculum. We feel our children are more resilient, willing to take risks and have greater confidence to work independently to find their own solutions.


Senior leaders and line managers can now create a positive approach to performance management and the development of a highly effective CPD strategy. Coaching and appraisal has had a significant impact on ensuring that all staff understand the part they play in supporting our school to realise our vision, goals and objectives. We have also reflected upon the difference between coaching and mentoring, both have their place and a skilled coach will know when to move from one to the other.


Senior Leaders also use coaching as a successful strategy for realising our strategic improvement plan by managing change, developing positive CPD programmes and building a culture that celebrates good and outstanding practice.  


Our lead coaches are Mrs Holmes, Mrs Jupp, Mrs Gibbard and Mrs Cunningham.

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