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GLF Schools

Infants School Meals

For children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2, a free hot school meal will be available each day via the Universal Free School Meals scheme.  Parents of children in the Nursery can order and pay for meals via the ParentPay system.  Further information can be found at:

Twelve15 School Lunches website

We are proud of the quality of food offered at our school as it is freshly cooked on the premises each day. The catering staff, Kerstine Padfield, Tracey Eaton and Joey Samson, get to know the children’s responses to different types of food and adapt the menus to make the meals appealing to them. They cater for a variety of dietary needs that enable all children to have a school meal if wanted.

Some parents may choose to send their child to school with a packed lunch.

If changing from packed lunches to school dinners or vice versa, at least 2 weeks’ notice must be given via the School Office.

If your child is going to have packed lunch at school we have listed below some information to help. It is a busy time and we have lots of Lunchtime Supervisors to assist your child, but we need them to be as independent as possible:

  1. Have a lunchbox that they can open and close themselves and food items that can be unwrapped/opened independently, without having to use scissors.
  2. A named, plastic cup/beaker is required in the lunchbox; we will provide their water.
  3. It helps if you cut crusts off sandwiches if your child doesn't eat them.
  4. It helps if you prepare and peel your child's fruit if they cannot do this themselves.
  5. Sweets, chocolate, nut or nut products are not allowed in school and will be returned home in the lunch box. This includes the toppings that accompany some yoghurt type desserts i.e. Smarties, Flakes etc. Some children are highly allergic to nuts including peanut butter.
  6. We try to encourage independence and good table manners at school and have found from experience that tube-type yoghurts/cheese strings and the “Lunchable” style packages don’t promote this, so we would ask you to refrain from including these. They are also frequently difficult to open without the use of scissors, which are not available at lunchtime.
  7. Please don't overpack the lunchbox. All uneaten food and empty wrappers will be returned home so you are able to see what your child has eaten.