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Extra Curricular

Wrap-around care at Warren Mead

Warren Mead provides wrap-around care for either side of the school day, both breakfast and after school.

The club ONLY runs during term time and is staffed by school staff so the children already know them from their day to day attendance at school. Staff accompany the children to the classrooms in the morning when school starts. No wrap-around care club is available when the school finished early on the last day of term. The clubs is based at the Infant School hall and parents are asked to drop and collect at the side door.

The club times are:

Breakfast club starts at 7:30 am and finishes at 8:45 am. The breakfast that is served each day is cereal, toast, yogurt and fruit with water and milk to drink. 

After School Club starts at 3.15 pm and finishes at 5.55 pm. The children receive a snack during this time, usually a sandwiches, wrap,  hotdog or pizza with fruit juice, milk or water to drink.

Different activities are put out for the children every day, depending on their interests and requests but some of the activities include:

  • puzzles
  • games
  • top trumps
  • cars
  • books
  • lego
  • dolls house
  • board games
  • Barbies
  • farmyard
  • dinosaurs

At 5.30 pm, the club starts ‘chillout time’ which provides the children with the opportunity to watch a cartoon or movie or read a book  quietly. By this time, the children tend to be tired so it provides a calm end to the session, before pick up time.