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Welcome to the Governors page


Governors are required to act in the best interest of the school as a whole, not to represent any particular interest group.
We are elected or appointed as follows:

  • Parents: elected by parents; must have one child at the school at time of election
  • Staff: elected by staff; must work at the school
  • Community: bring expertise and skills required by the Governing Body
  • Head Teacher: The Head Teacher is usually a governor. We think this is vital.

Governors receive no remuneration for their duties and responsibilities as Governors at Warren Mead Junior School.



The Governing Body meets twice a term with one meeting focussing solely on Children and Learning. In addition, Committee meetings are held each term. Committees focus on Finance, Premises and Staffing as well as Pay and Head Teacher Appraisal. Governors monitor the Strategic Improvement Plan through monitoring visits and in Committee meetings.


Strategic Function of the Governing Body

Governors seek to maintain and improve standards of education. They provide a strategic view, act as a critical friend and ensure accountability. Laws and regulations impose duties on Governors such as to:

  • Write and monitor the aims of the school
  • Monitor and evaluate the policies to be applied by the Head Teacher and staff
  • Ensure a Strategic Improvement Plan is drawn up
  • Ensure effective use of the school budget
  • Verify the National Curriculum is taught
  • Appoint, promote, support and discipline staff
  • Act as a link between the local community and the school
  • Draw up an action plan following a school inspection
  • Safeguard and promote the welfare of the children



All Governors take full advantage of the training programmes and workshops offered by the Local Authority or in liaison with other schools.



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  • Warren Mead Junior School,
  • Roundwood Way,
  • Nork, Banstead,
  • SM7 1EJ
  • Tel: 01737 353725
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