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Welcome to our team!


The people in a school make a school special. We aim to see all staff and children smile every day. The staff at Warren Mead Junior School are totally committed to giving your child an engaging and exciting curriculum so that each child flourishes and surprises us all with what they can achieve.


The staff work hard but we laugh at lot too! We are a great team. We are positive and we see challenges as new opportunities. There is a warm and purposeful atmosphere around the school. We are full of energy.


We are approachable and open. Our doors are always open. We believe excellent communication between parents and staff at the school is key to the children’s success. It is important for us to work together.




Head Teacher Mr J Broad
Deputy Head Teacher Mrs A Gibbard
SENCo Mrs A Reilly


Teachers and their Classes:

Year Group Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6
Class names Chestnut Rowan Maple Willow
Beech Oak Birch Sycamore
Elm Ash Pine Cedar
Staff team Miss L Thomas Mr C Jackson Mr D Callaghan Mr D Watkins
Mrs Z Withers Miss J Cooper Mrs J Hunter Mr T Bullock
Miss B Doble Miss J Wells Mr Green Mrs J Moylan
Mrs H Booth Miss G Mander Mrs C Garland Mrs K Wright
Mrs S Malik Miss H Clark Miss L Beams Mrs S Eversfield
Mrs K Charles Mr J Johnson Mrs T Etherington Mrs G Cham
    Miss Z Lane  

Across School

Mrs R Cook-Abbott Mrs L McLucas  


Office Staff


School Business Manager

Administrative Assistant
Administrative Assistant

Finance Assistant


Mrs D Love

Mrs G Norman

Mrs C Munday
Mrs J Coghlan



Midday Meal Supervisors

Mrs S Eversfield
Mrs P Coome
Mrs T Etherington
Mrs G Cham

Mrs K Charles

Miss H Clark

Mr J Johnson

Miss Z Lane

Miss L Beams


Mr J Head

Swimming teacher Mr B Evans



Email addresses: If you would like to contact a member of staff at Warren Mead Junior School, please email to the school office at 


Our Address

School photos


  • Warren Mead Junior School,
  • Roundwood Way,
  • Nork, Banstead,
  • SM7 1EJ
  • Tel: 01737 353725
  • Email: