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Tailored skirt/pinafore

Plain style dark grey   tailored trousers with dark grey/black socks

Royal blue and white checked dresses or grey knee length tailored shorts or culottes - not short, shorts

Royal blue ‘v’ necked  pullover or cardigan      

Royal blue ‘v’ necked  pullover or cardigan

Pale blue blouse/shirt (buttoned with tie; revere collar without tie)

Pale blue short sleeved blouse/shirt. Revere  or unbuttoned without tie.

School tie         

Optional tie

Plain flat black school shoes— not ballerina pumps, trainers or fabric shoes

Plain flat black  school shoes—not ballerina pumps, open toe        sandals, trainers or  fabric shoes

Grey tights (NOT BLACK) or white/grey knee high or  ankle socks. No    trainer socks, over knee socks, frills or bows

White/grey /knee high or ankle socks. No trainer or over knee socks, frills or bows      

Dark/royal blue winter coat preferably hooded. Reflective strip is                recommended.

School fleece or dark/royal blue coat.

Reflective strip is           recommended.



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