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Year 6 - 16/17

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Watch this space for up to date news and information about all that is going on in Year 6!

SATs Week 8th - 12th May 2017

Information for parents: 2017 key stage 2 tests

If you have a child in year 6, this video provides details of the KS2 national curriculum tests (SATs) they will take in May.

Summer 1: 

Find out what we are learning about in Year 6 this Summer 1 half term:

Spring 2:

Find out what we are learning about in Year 6 this Spring 2 half term:

Henri Rousseau:

The children have been working hard this week, particularly focusing on co-operation and teamwork.  As part of our new corridor display, we have recreated Henri Rousseau's famous painting 'Tiger in a Tropical Storm (Surprised).  We did this by getting into groups and taking our own section of the painting to draw and paint.  We needed to make sure it matched up with the other sections, including thinking about where it overlapped and keeping the colours consistent.  The end products were well worth the careful teamwork.


A massive thank you to Mrs Downing for coming in and teaching Year 6 all about CPR and what a vital part we all could play as a first response.  The children got a chance to learn about how to effectively administer CPR and though we hope they never need to use the skill, we think it is vital that they know how.  As we learnt, for every minute we do nothing the chance of survival for someone goes down 12%. Continuing on from last week's focus on 'keeping healthy and safe', it's good to know that our children are that little bit more prepared.

Keeping Healthy/Mountains:

As part of our 'Keeping Healthy' week, and combined with our topic on mountains, the children have been designing and making their own healthy mountaineering snacks.  They had to consider a variety of ingredients that would provide energy for an exhaustive activity, give a quick energy boost, be easy to carry and also durable. They were delicious and nutritious.


Year 6 have really been thinking about our painting techniques as artists this half term.  We've looked at colour and how we paint to make more mature and realistic looking environments.  This has gone together with our work on perspective: more on that later...


Year 6 have been putting their scientific skills to the test whilst thinking about evolution this week.  Whilst looking at evolution and natural selection, we thought about what would give animals an advantage; namely camouflage.  We then did our best to think about colours and patterns that would help our animals blend into their environment. Can you spot them all? 

Spring 1:

Find out what we are learning about in Year 6 this Spring 1 half term:

Autumn 2:

Find out what we are learning about in Year 6 this Autumn 2 half term:

Christmas Parties:

Year 6 had a great time whilst enjoying our well earned Christmas parties.  The children have put in such hard work over the first term and we are incredibly proud of them.  If they keep up this level of effort there's no limit to what they could achieve in their final year at Warren Mead.  Merry Christmas to all and make sure you indulge (and perhaps even overindulge).


Sellotape Sculptures:

Year 6 took the time recently to focus on some 3D art in the form of sellotape sculptures.  We chose our dearest furry friends and gave them a lovely clone.  We used some of the skills we started developing in Art Week and ended up with some truly impressive 3D art. It definitely took some resilience, teamwork and focus.

Buddhist Shrines:

As part of our Autumn RE topic, we looked at Buddhism which also involved learning all about shrines. We learned about how the elements are symbolised when creating these shrines and then we took the time to design and make our own.  The children will be able to tell you all about which element is represented by the square base, incense, candles, water bowls and pointed top. Many of them also recalled our previous learning on other things that could be included such as prayer mats, prayer flags, mala beads, lotus flowers etc.

Greek Pots:

Some of our Greek pots showcasing what talented 3D modelers we have in Year 6.  

Greek Day:

Who knew we had so many stone masons, potters and chefs among us?  We had a thoroughly enjoyable day back in Ancient Greece where we got to spend our time learning by doing. We will let the pictures speak for themselves.

Ready For Battle:

As part of our journey into Ancient Greece, we have been studying warfare and some of the different battles that shaped the ancient world.  We learnt all about Greek soldiers and their shields and managed to make some of our own to strike fear into any opposition (though thankfully the children were less intimidating).

Art Week:

Year 6 have been enjoying a chance to flex our creative muscles both with our 3d and 2d art. Taking inspiration from artists such as L.S. Lowry and Quentin Blake, we have painted, drawn, moulded and shaped our imaginations into life.  


Poetry Competition:

Thank you to all those children who put such great effort into learning and performing their poems this week.  We were immensely proud of everyone who was brave enough to step forward and have a go.  Notes were made of those who not only got through to our semi final, but also those who may deserve a bigger part in our school production.  A special mention to those who were so committed to the role that they caught colds for their rendition of 'Sneezles'.


We look forward to our semi finals this Friday.

Off Road Cycle:

A thoroughly enjoyable and muddy time had by all.

Greek Workshop:

Thank you to those who have already returned the reply slip for our Ancient Greek Day on Monday 14th November.  Below is the letter for anyone whose child's bag is a combination of the Bermuda Triangle and a black hole that nothing can escape from.

Year 6 Tag Rugby:

Well done to the Year 6 Tag Rugby team.  Once we got into the swing of how to play together as a team and work hard for each other, we were unstoppable and showed real skill and tactical nuance.  With no subs to give anyone a rest it was impressive to see everyone running themselves into the ground for the team and never giving up when it could have been easier to just let another player run away for a try. A great effort all round which led to two solid wins over very experienced rugby playing schools so well done and keep up the hard work.

Hoplite Shields:

Whilst we here at Warren Mead are a peaceful bunch, it doesn't stop us learning all about what life was like for soldiers in more turbulent and greedy times.  We have focused our learning as historians on hoplite soldiers in Ancient Greece and have learned all about their formations, equipment and lives. Taking the time to create our own fear inducing shields was a particular delight, though the peaceful nature of some children did lead to the need for several reminders of no rainbows or unicorns.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Greek Myths and More:

Year 6 have continued their journey to Ancient Greece these past two weeks and this has also formed the main part of our English focus.  We have started to investigate story structure and how using time slips can give our writing a powerful start. This has been combined with our analysing of word classes and identifying the function of a word in a sentence.

The hot topic of debate this week has been whether we would prefer to be citizens of Sparta or Athens.  The Athenians may have invented democracy (as long as you were a man), but you'd certainly feel safe if you were a Spartan. The debate will rage on.

Picture 1

Looking for some shade:

Year 6 have started off their work as scientists with a bang (figuratively, nothing has exploded as of yet).  We recapped our learning from last year about how the sun appears to move in the sky and combined this with our knowledge of light creating shadows due to it traveling in straight lines (we proved this with our experiment using holes in card and shining a torch through them). This led on to our experiment finding the most efficient way to position an umbrella by a pool to maximise shade. You're all welcome for our findings that you can now use on your next holiday. 


Curriculum Evening:

Here are the Year 6 Curriculum Evening slides for those unable to attend:

Autumn 1:

Find out what we are learning about in Year 6 this Autumn 1 half term:

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