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Year 6 17/18

Welcome to the Year 6 Page!


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Watch this space for up-to-date news and information about all that is going on in Year 6!

Grammar Revision Sheet:

The following document is designed to show you all the different grammatical terms the children will grow to understand throughout the year.  We won't have covered it all for quite a while so the children don't need to panic but it is good to have as reference so that as we cover a particular topic, the children can use it to refresh their memories.  Adults are also welcome to brush up if they see fit.


Ideas for books:

The following document is a list of potential books that we have compiled as a suggestion for anyone wondering what they could buy their child to read next. There are of course many more but these are a good place to start. 


We've seen the light:

Year 6 have started off their work as scientists with a bang (figuratively, nothing has exploded as of yet).  We are already down to business with our investigative skills.  The children were looking at light and designing experiments to prove that it travels in straight lines.  Already some reasoned scientists are starting to emerge.


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