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GLF Schools

GLF Schools was founded in 2012 in order to enable the federation of Glyn School (an academy in 2011) and Danetree Junior School. Together, we began our journey to become a MAT of more than 1000 talented staff working with over 10,000 children in 40 schools across 5 regions in southern England.

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If a child is taken ill during the school day, they should initially speak to the teacher and they will be sent to the school office.  If they are too unwell to return to lessons the office staff will telephone the parents/contacts to make arrangements for your child to be collected and taken home.  It is important that you have somebody local who can collect your child if they are ill.  PLEASE ENSURE YOUR EMERGENCY CONTACT DETAILS ARE UP TO DATE. In the case of minor accidents, first aid will be given by a qualified first-aider.


If your child has an ongoing medical condition please contact the school office as soon as possible to make them aware of the condition.  School staff will follow this up to discuss further your child's needs which may include the preparation of a Health Care Plan.

If your child requires medication (eg antibiotics) please arrange for these to be taken at home.  For example, a three-times-daily dose can be given before and after school and then at bedtime.  If more frequent does are needed or for other prescribed medicines for on-going medical conditions (including inhalers) these can be administered providing the appropriate forms have been completed and agreed by the school.   Any medication provided must be in the original labelled packaging with the printed instructions.  We are unable to administer medicines containing Aspirin unless prescribed by a doctor.  All medicines must be clearly named and given to the school office by the parent or carer and not sent in with children. 

To be able to administer your child's medication we must have the completed Administering Medicine form and Individual Medicine Record form returned to the front office. You can find these forms at the bottom of this page (in one document). Please ensure that you have filled out and signed both forms before returning to the school office. The document is editable so if it is easier please fill out and email to 

For further information, please see the GLF Supporting Children with Medical Conditions Policy

Head Bumps

Please click here for Surrey County Council's advice leaflet on how to deal with a head injuries in children and young people.

For details on concussion – please see concussion - return to school guidance



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