GLF Schools

GLF Schools

GLF Schools was founded in 2012 in order to enable the federation of Glyn School (an academy in 2011) and Danetree Junior School. Together, we began our journey to become a MAT of more than 1000 talented staff working with over 10,000 children in 40 schools across 5 regions in southern England.

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Letters Home

The most recent letters home are listed below for your information.


Letters Home Date  
Year 1 stunning start autumn 2 21st Oct 2022 Download
Year 6 WW2 day postponed 09th Jan 2023 Download
Year 3 Roman workshop letter 01st Dec 2022 Download
PFA Christmas Flyer 01st Dec 2022 Download
Banstead Santa Sleigh Streets for advertising 2022 V2 22nd Nov 2022 Download
Banstead Christmas poster 2022 22nd Nov 2022 Download
Christmas performance dates 2022 22nd Nov 2022 Download
Consultation Admissions Arrangements 2024 2025 for Warren Mead Infant School and Warren Mead Junior School 14th Nov 2022 Download
Xmas cards PFA 2022 04th Nov 2022 Download
PFA Christmas Trees 2022 21st Oct 2022 Download
Banstead May Queen Poster Competition 2023 31st Jan 2023 Download
School Photographs including sibling 21st Oct 2022 Download
Epsom Ewell Foodbank donations 11th Oct 2022 Download
EYFS Diwali workshop letter 30th Sep 2022 Download
Fireworks Night tickets 141022 29th Sep 2022 Download
Astra Recycling flyer 29th Sep 2022 Download
National mourning 9.9.2022 09th Sep 2022 Download
Start of year letter Sept 2022 06th Sep 2022 Download
WMPFA AGM 06th Sep 2022 Download
End of year letter 2022 20th Jul 2022 Download
Welcome September 2023 initial letter 17th Apr 2023 Download
Attendance at School Letter 02nd Oct 2023 Download
End of Year Letter 20.07.23 20th Jul 2023 Download
Happys Circus 9th Sept 2023 10th Jul 2023 Download
HEADSTART HOLIDAY COURSES Summer 2023 23rd Jun 2023 Download
Year 1 Tuck Shop Rocket Lolly Sale 230623 19th Jun 2023 Download
PFA Summer Mufti Fri 23rd June 16th Jun 2023 Download
WarrenFest23 Ticketsonsale 1 12th Jun 2023 Download
School Readiness letter Surrey Nurses 25th May 2023 Download
WarrenFest22 NewDate 28th Apr 2023 Download
Tapestry download letter 11.07.22 11th Jul 2022 Download
Casino Night newdeadline 31st Mar 2023 Download
Casino Night Prizes 31st Mar 2023 Download
Parents Evening Spring 2023 13th Mar 2023 Download
HEADSTART HOLIDAY COURSES flier EASTER 2023 28th Feb 2023 Download
Strike action letter 31st Jan 2023 Download
School Fund 2023 31st Jan 2023 Download
Reception Letter NCMP January 2023 31st Jan 2023 Download
PFA Valentine Mufti 31st Jan 2023 Download
WMPFA DISCO Tickets 31st Jan 2023 Download
Bikeability level 1 April 2022 07th Mar 2022 Download
O2 Young Voices letter 29.04.22 12th May 2022 Download
Year 5 Swimming Letter 01st Apr 2022 Download
Year 6 SATs and Osmington Bay evening 01st Apr 2022 Download
Year 3 Viking day 01st Apr 2022 Download
High Ashurst Meeting 24th Mar 2022 Download
Selective schools LBof Sutton Schools Key Dates for Year 5 Parents 2023E 14th Mar 2022 Download
Parents Evening letter 10.03.22 11th Mar 2022 Download
Charity days letter 08.03.22 11th Mar 2022 Download
Surrey School Attendance and Penalty Notices 09th Mar 2022 Download
Year 3 Butser Farm trip letter 12th May 2022 Download
EYFS Growing Changing Chicks 07th Mar 2022 Download
EYFS Zoolab workshop 07th Mar 2022 Download
GLF Schools Foundation Leaflet 07th Mar 2022 Download
YR Reception NCMP E Consents letter 07th Mar 2022 Download
Reading books clarification 04.03.22 07th Mar 2022 Download
GLF Letter to Families Covid guidance 28 Feb 22 07th Mar 2022 Download
Athlete Sports for Schools event letter 02.03.22 07th Mar 2022 Download
Forest School Letter March 2022 07th Mar 2022 Download
London Overnight Adventure 2022 03rd Mar 2022 Download
Warren Mead SSB Parent Normination Form 27th May 2022 Download
10207102 Warren Mead Junior School 140810 Ofsted Final 08th Jul 2022 Download
Meet The Team Newsletter 08th Jul 2022 Download
Year 6 End of Term Arrangements 07th Jul 2022 Download
WarrenFest22 Tickets Stalls 30th Jun 2022 Download
Crazy Hairday 01July22 27th Jun 2022 Download
WarrenFest22 Flyer 17th Jun 2022 Download
Glyn EE Colts FC Priest Hill Project redevelopment 27th May 2022 Download
Year 1 Phonics screening June 2022 27th May 2022 Download
Nursery International Day Letter 27th May 2022 Download
PFA Newsletter - February 2022 03rd Mar 2022 Download
SSB Parent Member Role Disqualification Criteria 27th May 2022 Download
Warren Mead SSB parent election letter 270522 27th May 2022 Download
WMPFA Newsletter May22 27th May 2022 Download
Art Week Letter 200522 20th May 2022 Download
Year 2 end of SATS celebration letter 20th May 2022 Download
WMPFA DISCO 12th May 2022 Download
FSM PP Infants 12th May 2022 Download
PFA Leaflets Bags2school 12th May 2022 Download
Nursery Parents Evening letter 05.05.22 12th May 2022 Download