GLF Schools

GLF Schools

GLF Schools was founded in 2012 in order to enable the federation of Glyn School (an academy in 2011) and Danetree Junior School. Together, we began our journey to become a MAT of more than 1000 talented staff working with over 10,000 children in 40 schools across 5 regions in southern England.

Curriculum Overview

Intent of our Curriculum

At Warren Mead, the primary purpose for a child’s learning experience across Warren Mead Infant and Junior School is to create a love of learning which they can build upon year on year, preparing them for the ever-changing world they will live in. Our curriculum has been carefully designed with the aim of giving children a broad and balanced curriculum which teaches specific knowledge in each subject and then uses this knowledge as a vehicle to teach relevant skills, both transferable as well as subject skills.

Warren Mead adopts our own ASPIRE curriculum principles which underpin all choices about our school curriculum offer;

  • Association - All learning connects to other learning where appropriate and relevant both across subjects and across year groups.
  • Significance - Foundations of learning across all subjects is based on teaching children about significant places, people, events and skills needed across the whole curriculum.
  • Proficiency - All learning is based on practice within lessons and units of learning ensure children become confident learners in all aspects of the curriculum.
  • Imagination - Opportunities for children to use their imagination and creativity are built into sequences of learning within subjects to express themselves and their ideas.
  • Relevance - Learning in all subjects and year groups is purposeful to their curriculum end points, to their 21st-century lifestyle and their future.
  • Excellence - Ambition is at the centre of the whole curriculum, offering the highest of expectations in the subject they are taught and the opportunities they are given.

Having these curriculum principles underpin all decisions we make about the children’s offer and their learning helps every child reach their full academic and personal potential.

Implementation of our Curriculum

Warren Mead schools have carefully designed a curriculum which is specifically based on the children we serve and our underpinning ASPIRE curriculum principles. To ensure we provide children with the most significant and relevant opportunities to obtain the excellent quality of knowledge and skills we have taken the decision to teach the curriculum in a discrete manner with subjects being taught within the timetabled slot. However, links and associations play a vital part in making any child’s learning relevant and purposeful and therefore links across subjects are made where applicable and only when it will enhance children’s learning.

Our primary aim is to ensure children build the knowledge and skills to be, for example, proficient historians and geographers as well as artists and musicians and for Warren Mead, this is most effective using a carefully chosen Curriculum for each subject.

At Warren Mead Schools we use the following Curriculums;


White Rose Scheme using a mastery approach


National Curriculum objectives using a Learning Journey approach


National Curriculum objectives using a skills teaching approach




Rising Stars




Kent Science Curriculum


Purple Mash Curriculum


Surrey RE Syllabus


Val Sabin-Gym

Getset4PE-other areas of PE, including Games, Dance, orienteering


Bespoke Curriculum based on specialist teaching practice


Primary Language Network Curriculum (French)


Core Knowledge Curriculum


Kapow Primary Curriculum


Core Knowledge Curriculum


Core Knowledge Curriculum


Our ASPIRE curriculum principles are also implemented by ensuring our curriculum is enriched with a range of trips and experiences across the children’s primary school life. These provide them with opportunities and experiences to support their learning and bring it to life in the real world in which we live.

At Warren Mead, we believe that an integral part of developing a love for learning is providing engaging experiences which provide the children with opportunities beyond the classroom. Therefore we pride ourselves on the supplementary and enhanced curriculum experiences such as regular learning in our forest schools area, a vast array of trips and visits, stunning starts to kick start all themes of learning, learning for purpose and audience which include regular class assemblies and  performances across the year.

Ensuring children are socially and emotionally prepared for learning is paramount for learning to take place therefore developing our children beyond the academic is also important to us. Ensuring that our children develop with the skills they will need throughout life holds high priority; therefore we aim for children to strive for success and persevere when they are challenged but equally, know how to win with dignity and lose with grace. We approach mistakes as a first attempt in learning and we place great importance on resilience. The schools values embed the curriculum intent as they encourage both staff and children to develop as kind and respectful learners who show integrity in everything they do.

Warren Mead Infant School teaches subjects discretely. Carefully chosen curriculums have been chosen for the school to ensure appropriate knowledge and skills are explicitly taught to the children. We believe this prepares children well for later in their education as well as ensuring they obtain appropriate knowledge and skills set out in the National Curriculum.

All teachers are responsible for the development and improvement of a subject area across the curriculum. Each subject has a clear intent for its teaching and way of implementing the subject which are formulated in line with the schools vision, values and overall curriculum intent.