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Warren Mead Infant School had its most recent Ofsted Inspection on 16th February 2016.
It was judged as ‘Good’ in all areas. Please click on the link below to read the full report.

Ofsted Inspection full report February 2016

The report tells you what it is like for your child to attend this school, what the school does well and what it needs to do better.

We are especially delighted that:

“the inspector recognised many strong qualities of the school. These included several aspects judged to be outstanding, such as care, guidance and support, partnerships with external agencies and parents, aspects of pupils’ personal development and community cohesion. These continue to be strengths.”

“There is some excellent teaching practice, promoting high-quality learning and making sure pupils make rapid progress in each lesson.”


“every child achieves as well as possible with a healthy balance between academic, personal, social and emotional development.”


“You make sure that keeping children safe is the school’s top priority. It is on the agenda of every staff briefing and governors’ meeting. There are very comprehensive policies and rigorous procedures to keep pupils safe.”

The strong emphasis on values such as care and respect is very evident throughout the school. Pupils behave well and cooperate with each other in and out of lessons. Relationships are warm throughout the day. Breakfast club, playtimes and lunchtimes are calm and happy. The pupils say that people are friendly and they enjoy the opportunities to help each other and help the school to run smoothly.”

Of course, Ofsted reports are only ever part of the whole picture. They should empower schools and school leaders to be even better, regardless of the inspection outcomes.  We were given two further action points to develop which match well with targets already on our school development plan:

  1. To ensure that pupils take care to present their work neatly
  2. To strengthen the quality and consistency of teaching, assessment and learning so that more of it is as good as the exceptionally high quality which already exists in the school.

We are committed to success in both of these areas and have plans in place to address them.

Performance Tables

Warren Mead Infant School Performance Results

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