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A short history of Warren Mead Juniors......


Warren Mead Junior School is situated in the Nork side of Banstead. Banstead Village is around 1 mile away as is Banstead train station. The school was built in 1939 where there would have been 5 classrooms and a hall. Although the children of that time were looking forward to beginning the school year on September 4th 1939, it was a fortnight later on September 19th that the school eventually opened due to the announcement of the war between Britain and Germany.


There have been many changes to the school since 1945. To cope with an increase in the number of pupils, extra classrooms were added in what we call the top corridor. After a time, another school was built on the adjacent site especially for infant aged children. Since then there have been changes to both the names of the schools and the ages of the pupils who attended. The most recent of these was September 1994, when the two schools became known as Warren Mead Infant School and Warren Mead Junior School.


The photographs below were kindly sent in by ex-pupil Rod Holcombe (as seen in the photographs). They were taken around 1949 and show the school before the addition of the Year 6 block and many of the external features we enjoy today. 

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